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Nova edição: European Journal of Social Theory - 19(1)2016

EJST 19(1)2016

Nova edição do European Journal of Social Theory 19(1)2016

Neo-classical sociology: The prospects of social theory today (pdf)

Alain Caillé and Frédéric Vandenberghe

The individual and society in Durkheim: Unpicking the contradictions (pdf)

Finn Bowring

Beneath rationalization: Elias, Foucault, and the body (pdf)

Bowen Paulle and Mustafa Emirbayer

Bourdieu and conscious deliberation: An anti-mechanistic solution (pdf)

Geoffrey Mead

Governmentality and guru-led movements in India: Some arguments from the field (pdf)

Samta P Pandya

The perception of value: Adam Smith on the moral role of social research (pdf)

David Thacher

Collective identities, empty signifiers and solvable secrets (pdf)

Bernhard Giesen and Robert Seyfert

Non-normative critique: Foucault and pragmatic sociology as tactical re-politicization (pdf)

Magnus Paulsen Hansen

Bourdieu and the problem of reflexivity: Recent answers to some old questions (pdf)

Kathryn Telling

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