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Call for papers: Contesting Markets: How Organizations and Social Movements Shape the Political Eco


Submission deadline: September 1, 2017

Publication of the special issue in the Socio-Economic Review: 2019

Guest Editors:

Neil Fligstein (University of California-Berkeley)

Doug McAdam (Stanford University)

Key Themes

The call is open to all topics that fit the general scope of the Special Issue, but we wish to

illustrate potential themes as follows:

  • Why do social movement organizations in competition with stable political and market fields either succeed or fail in their contest with other actors like firms, political parties, and government Bailey, 2015; Jung, 2015?

  • Why does one of a set of competing social movement organizations impact politics and how does the resistance from firms and states affect which of these organizations is successful and which is not?

  • How do social movements shape new markets and affect old ones, like the markets for social media and the production of alternative energy sources?

  • How do existing political arrangements, social movements, and firms affect such issues as climate change and environmental regulation?

  • How do new actors mobilize support for new markets or transforming existing markets in different countries and what impact does this have on different national models of production?

  • How do changing information technologies in new or destabilized markets impact contentious politics and institutional change in different types of capitalism?

  • When do transnational processes of social movement change get going and what explains the unevenness of their effects in different countries and regions?

  • How are new forms of private regulation and governance related to social movements and firms, on one hand, and existing state policies, on the other?


Papers will be reviewed following the journal’s normal double-blinded review process and

criteria. The maximum length of articles including references, notes and abstract is 10,000

words. Articles must be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 150 words. The main

document has to be anonymous and should contain title, abstract, and strictly avoid self-

references. Submissions should be directed through the on-line submission system:

For further guidelines on submissions and the editorial statement of the Socio-Economic Review,

please visit our website at:

For further information for this Special Issue, please contact one of the Guest Editors: Neil

Fligstein ( and Doug McAdam (, particularly if you

have concerns about whether or not your paper fits the Special Issue.

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