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AOM 2017 - Navigating Qualitative Dissertations PDW: Call for applications

Submission deadline: 11:59pm on June 6

Are you using qualitative methods in your dissertation (i.e., mixed-method or purely qualitative dissertations)? If so, would you like to…

· Maximize the publication potential of your dissertation?

· Ensure you are properly and appropriately using qualitative methods in your research?

· Gain insight into approaching the job market with a qualitative dissertation?

“Navigating Qualitative Dissertations: Advice from the Experts” is a three-hour workshop that is now in its forth year at AOM’s annual conference. It is aimed at providing doctoral candidates performing dissertations that incorporate qualitative methods with feedback from experienced qualitative researchers. We have invited a diverse mix of scholars with a variety of qualitative methods experience including, in alphabetical order: Blake Ashforth, Marlys Christianson, Stephanie Creary, Ann Cunliffe, Colin Fisher, Jaye Goosby Smith, Elaine Hollensbe, Jason Kanov, Shalini Khazanchi, Glen Kreiner, Thomas William Lee, Johanna Mair, Sally Maitlis, Gerardo Okhuysen, Tommaso Ramus, Trish Reay, Kevin Rockmann, Elizabeth Rouse, Michael Urick, Heather Vough.

Application process:

Potential applicants: Doctoral candidates who are incorporating qualitative methods into their dissertation projects who are at any stage of the dissertation process (e.g., study design, data collection, data analysis, manuscript development).

Submissions should include the following:

1. Please go to to submit your application.

2. Indicate your top three preferences of qualitative research experts and indicate the reason of your choice for each person (please note that you find brief biographies of the experts in a separate attachment).

3. Insert a 200-word (max) abstract of your dissertation with 4-5 keywords that capture your topic and/or method to help best match participants with facilitators.*

4. Insert a 1,000-word (max) in-depth description of your dissertation project, including:

a. Your research question and theoretical framing

b. A description of the methods (e.g., grounded theory, ethnography, etc.) and rationale for use

c. The stage of your dissertation you anticipate being in at the time of the Academy Conference in early August (i.e., study design, data collection, data analysis, or manuscript development)

d. What you most hope to gain feedback on during the session and why

Submission deadline: 11:59pm on June 6; acceptance notices will be sent by July 3.

Please go to to submit your application (see description above). Please contact Marcia Lensges with any questions.

*Once submitted, we will do our best to accept candidates by matching student participants to the faculty table facilitators based on methodological expertise and/or common theoretical interests.

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