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Pre-Conference Workshop EnANPAD 2018: Writing skills for publishing in international journals

Pre-Conference Workshop EnANPAD 2018

Workload: 8 hours


  • October, 2nd – from 2pm to 6pm

  • October, 3rd – from 8am to 12pm

Number of participants: 10

Submission: article drafts, uncompleted articles and full papers are eligible for submission. All documents must be written in English with maximum 8.000 words.

Deadline for submission: August, 22th.

Documents must be submitted electronically to

Location: Universidade Positivo, Curitiba-PR

Suzana Braga Rodrigues

Professor of International Strategy at Universidade FUMEC, Brazil and, Emeritus Professor of International Business and Organization at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands. She holds a PhD degree in Management Studies from Bradford Management School, University of Bradford, UK.

Potential Public

Master, PhD students and Faculty interested in developing writing skills with the purpose of raising their academic work to a more advanced level, and with a view to reach out top tier journals, defined as such, by Brazilian and international institutions. The course is directed to students and staff doing research in the following areas: Strategy, Organization Studies, Corporate Governance, Public Policy and Administration, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship and innovation.


The course will discuss the requirements of high level academic work, and by looking into the processes of knowledge construction related to different types of methodological approaches.


The lecture will combine debates, discussion around published-research cases and individual on doctoral students' own research. Skills building will be based on a teaching methodology focused on practical learning by case studies analysis and contextualization (students research interests and difficulties).

Learning strategies will be centred around (i) discussion of students’ personal difficulties and research interests, (ii) how to use management theories as a foundation for a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches, (iii) top-tier journals best practices and requirements, (IV) collaboration skills


Conceptual formulation and theory development

  • Research theoretical and practical relevance

  • Formulating the central argument (research gaps and your contribution)

  • Consistency and quality requirements for different types of academic work

  • Developing skills for writing an attractive and convincing introduction

  • Theory building and theory testing strategies

  • The process of knowledge creating: analysis and discussion

The research process for top level journals publications

  • Understanding international journals’ requirements and ranking

  • Data access, costs and feasibility

  • The importance of continuing editing

  • Choice of a journal and their implications for writing the paper

  • Research ethics in international collaborations and complementarity of skills and resources

  • Response to reviewers: a key issue



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